Stefano MICONI
 Business Consultant - Auditor
Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Roma
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Via Flaminia, 213
00196 - ROMA

Ph. 0632651156
Fax. 0632500995

VAT 10694170589


  Corporate consulting and accounting

  • Data processing with reference to the single type of person or entity: self-employed, sole traders, personal companies, corporations, non-commercial entities and non-residents

  • Preparation and Publication of Financial Statements and processing of regular income and assets

  • Estate and writing fiscal books

  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization: duty, their mergers, or by acquisition, processing, divisions

  • Consultancy contracts and commercial law and bankruptcy

  • Technical expertise and advice in civil and criminal


  • Checks union

  • Audits by third parties

Tax advice

  • Authorities intended to tax planning, self-employed and private

  • Assistance on specific tax to direct, indirect and substitute (IRES, IRAP, income tax, VAT, etc.).

  • Tax Litigation: preparation and assistance appeals before the Tax Commission

  • Tax assistance in the field of succession: preparation of declarations of succession, cadastral registration, care settings in succession among the heirs

Management consulting and office

  • Evaluation of company and branch of it

  • Preparation and legalization of appraisal

  • Organization, management training

  • Accountants' reports and administrative

  • Liquidation of companies individual and collective

  • Studies concerning the choice of different forms of financing techniques

  • Drafting of business plans

Corporate Services

  • Estate and writing corporate books

  • Assistance in connection with corporate formation and dissolution of entities

Consultancy work

  • Payroll Processing

  • Recruitment practices - conversion ratio

  • Ready to provide annual statements (730/770 / CUD / electronic transmission DM10 - EMens)

Other Services

  • Electronic transmission of tax returns

  • Assistance and advice regarding the installation of computerized accounting systems, with particular reference to the preparation of chart of accounts in accordance with the EEC Directive

  • Editorial Unico - 730-ICI

  • Collection Center CAF

  • ATM Electronic Chamber of Commerce

  • Consultancy services of labor, legal and notary with the assistance of external consultants


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